doctor connecting continuous glucose monitor

Sensor-based Glucose Monitoring Program

Eligible Nova Scotians living with diabetes can apply for funding to cover the cost of sensor-based glucose monitoring supplies.

The Sensor-based Glucose Monitoring Program is open to Nova Scotians with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who meet specific criteria, including needing multiple daily injections of insulin.

The Sensor-based Glucose Monitoring Program helps pay for approved sensor-based glucose monitoring systems that are listed in the Nova Scotia Formulary. Sensor-based glucose monitoring systems are an alternative to regularly testing your glucose levels by pricking your finger and using a test strip.

Coverage and deductible

The program is income-based, with no deductible for people with an annual household income less than $60,000. People with a household income between $60,000 and $150,000 pay a deductible between $500 and $1,000.

There are several options for coverage. Options include the Sensor-based Glucose Monitoring Program, Seniors’ Pharmacare Program, Family Pharmacare Program and Department of Community Services Pharmacare Benefits Program. You can only have coverage under 1 program (compare the programs to determine what program best suits your personal and financial needs).

Choosing a sensor-based glucose monitor

The program only covers approved sensors and related supplies. Discuss the best option with a healthcare professional. Supplies are only covered when dispensed by a pharmacy with a prescription. Manual claims are only allowed in specific circumstances.

Purchase, replacement and reimbursements of sensors

The program doesn’t cover prescriptions purchased outside Nova Scotia except under very specific circumstances. Contact the Pharmacare Office for more details. There are no reimbursements for sensors purchased before you’re registered in the program.

If a sensor needs to be replaced early (for example, it stops working or falls off), you must contact the manufacturer directly to request a replacement. Depending on the manufacturer and product, a replacement sensor may be shipped to you at no cost or you may receive an email voucher to redeem for a sensor at your pharmacy.

Register for the Sensor-based Glucose Monitoring Program here.